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St. Padre Pio Most Powerful Healing Prayer

I am weak
I need your help, your comfort,
bless all people,
my friends, my family, even me.

Send the holy light,
the light of God to illuminate our souls,
our minds,
our thoughts…

who can I turn to if not you?

I know that you always intercede with the Lord
for all the souls who are in a negative period,
who has an illness or
a disappointment, an earthly or spiritual despondency,
you are there
close to that soul
that longs for help in its suffering.

I am sure
that those who pray with faith,
even if small as a grain of sand
You, on behalf of God
can work wonders.
And those wonders
are in the graces
that Jesus and our Mother in Heaven
send us from their Most Sacred Hearts
from Their Love
from the Holy Spirit who is in each of us
and who welcomes
all that is good for the soul.

I seek your love

your intercession
for the Grace that I ardently desire (....)

Intercede for me,
God can do everything
and I trust in the Father of Heaven
in the Father of our hearts
because through You I
am sure of the Grace that
through your intercession, you will get me.

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